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Make it work

In the complex enterprise
consulting marketplace, our
highly skilled professionals are the critical factors to success

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Tunabear gets your complex IT project done on time and within budget. Our IT professionals work for you to deliver opitimal solutons for your business needs

Keep it Simple

Our methodology and approach
guarantees a first rate user
experience with solutions that accelerates your organization’s tranformation to the digital world

Discover and Automate

Gain objective insights to your organzations’ processes through process mining and achieve the goal of frictionless operations with Robotic Process Automation


‘Tunabear is the standard by which we measure other consulting firms’.
– CIO large public university in Texas

About us

We deliver best of the best

Tunabear Consulting makes it our business to know
your business. We understand how important
flexibility is to you. It means cost efficiencies, a
more productive workforce and a more agile


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“Tunabear is the sets the standard by which we measure all others”
CIO large public university in Texas


We are committed to you
directly and will act only in your
best interest. We are in the
position to be your true


Tunabear has 100% client
referential ability


We understand the
importance of our work and
take pride and ownership in
what we do


Tunabear Application

The Application Accelerator solution seamlessly integrates Process Mining with Admissions “Skills” to deliver data-driven automation and improvements to application selection, admit decisions, and the daily processing experience for your Admissions Team. All using the Celonis IBC.

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