Some work from software out. At Tunabear we work from people in.

About us

Over 17 years ago, Peoplesoft consultant Ben Dai set out to change the way clients and consultants interacted. His goal? More success. Less suffering. Tunabear approaches your technical project like people, not programers. So your systems think just like you do.

Our customers would testify to the fact that Tunabear has their interests paramount. If you choose to work with us, you will find us to be extremely competent, entrepreneurial and transparent in our approach and responses.

Tunabear brings, to all of our engagements, a talent pool that is able to outperform and outshine our competitors. Our employees are very experienced and well-versed in the demands of today's fast-paced business environment. If there's a need for our employees to receive research or training, we'll see that it's done. However, we won't spend our customers' time and money on unnecessary training and tools if it's not critical to them. Likewise, we won't come to the table with an unprepared workforce and spend valuable time getting them trained when an experienced workforce is available. Our robust Global Delivery Model (GDM) ensures the delivery of quality services at a competitive price to our clients.